The Complete Pacific Crest Trail Gear List


Getting your Pacific Crest Trail gear list dialed is a key element of the planning process for a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike.

In this complete Pacific Crest Trail gear list, Kim Vawter, BFT Community Manager, shares every piece of gear she packed for her Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike.  From the big items (tent, sleeping bag, bear canister, water filter, etc.) all the way down to the little knick-knacks (watch, sunscreen, maps, and more), she lays out her complete pack. She sheds some advice on what to be mindful of when making final decisions. Between my John Muir Trail packing list and Kim’s Pacific Crest Trail packing list; you’ve got some great gear recommendations for any long distance trail.

I’ll let Kim take it away now. Let us know if you have any questions about what to pack for your PCT hike! – Kristen

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Star Wars Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast Files and Mods

Star Wars Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast Files and Mods


Download: Not available

To get a good install of Jedi Knight Outcast running in 2017, you need to take these steps.

  1. Download and/or install the Jedi Knight Outcast CD. It can be found on Steam or from the Mega download link. The link contains a large archive of files used to get JK2 up and running.
    1. Windows 10 allows you to open the .ISO file and mount it as a CD. If you are not up to date to Windows 10, try some free .ISO mount programs.
  2. Apply the patch numbered 1.04 (or 1.0.4 in the file versioning).
  3. Optional: Apply the mod JediPlus 4.3 if you like it. It is in the Games files/Mods folder.
  4. Run the Multiplayer game at least once to setup some files for the new improved launcher, JK2MV.
  5. Install JK2MV. This program is a huge improvement for compatibility on modern Windows systems and Widescreen support! Alt-tab is fixed!
  6. Install some mods from the Game files/Mods. Have fun with these!

The file also contains the dedicated server binary’s for Linux and Windows.

Finally, I have included a snapshot of the Program Files (x86)/JK2MV folder from my drive. It can be used to overwrite yours if you just want to dive in or need to “see” how the files are arranged.

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Ohio Power Lands AEP Trip

My little adventure in the Spring of 2016 in Ohio Power Lands.

Driving on the way to AEP, came across a turtle two different times on the road. The first one was on the interstate 77, so I could not stop and get it. The second was off exit 25 on SR 78 a little ways. I back tracked and took it with me to my parking spot near campsite G. It was a nice Box Turtle and was trying to climb out of the passenger foot well often.

Other wild life: Turkeys nearby my tent. Heard some anyways; While digging my fire pit, I came across 4 Cicada’s. They looked ready to emerge. Even the wings nubs looked full; Also saw a strange insect. It looked like it had 4 or 6 legs and a multi segmented backside [thorax?]. It was a large one too. Easy to spot. It kinda looked like the Dragon Fly larva. Perhaps the next phase of it; Found a woodsy Toad on a log, enjoying sunshine and insects.

My camp site beside the waterfall is small, but nice. I have fresh cool water and a shower. I can watch wildlife coming to get drinks. Three and a half more days to go 🙂


Dug out a firepit

Water and shower in one !

Nighttime, in the tent. I was listening to the water fall and some far off noises of animals. Something also scurried past my head on the other side of the tent as I was drifting off, that jerks you awake! I also heard owls hooting in random places while hunting. At midnight a storm finally rolls in and the following rain goes through tent walls and rain cover ! It was puddling inside. Can’t sleep with soaked gear and drips of water hitting my face.

I left the tent in the night(not a great idea), leaving behind my drying rope, and not much else and back packed out of there. Now to get the tent dry in the morning or trash it. It never did repel water much. What good is the rain cover when water goes through it ?

I drove to Caldwell because that is where the nearest good cellular signal existed. Left messages for my wife and called her.
I went into the truck stop and changed all my clothes, that felt good. Then went to the car and slept. Finally was able to talk to my wife at 3am as she saw her message light blinking. (Good thing too, she was worried about me since I had no cell service and she did not realize that).

I slept in the car till 10am and then I headed back to the tent.
On the way I heard from the side of the road a clattering insect sound. More than one was sounding off in this area. I went over for a look and found emerged Cicada’s! Still drying their wings (hence the clattering). This was the year for a double brood and I was looking forward to seeing/hearing all of them.

I continued back to the tent and drained it. Found a very large spider under the rain cover. Not sure the type. Long & thick legs on it. About the same coloring as pine needle forest floor. After scooting that thing off the top of the tent, I packed the rest up and went back to the car.

After that I visited camp site G to see if anyone wanted to buy the tent. Nothing. Never was able to sell it. Even on the posting date here(Fall 2016).

From there I went to camp site C, along the way I passed a turkey on my side of the road. I swear, I see so much wildlife from my car down here! Turtle’s, Deer, Turkey’s.

After wondering around the area and stopping for a drink from a campsite water pump where I broke my only water filter, I decided to head back home. My source of clean water to drink broke, my tent to sleep in was wet and would not repel water. I had no method of staying outdoors except to sleep with the mosquitoes and rain and drink from polluted water ponds. So I left.

I need to find a better or more sturdy water filter as it broke upon falling to the ground. Maybe pad it with a rubber sleeve. I have no money for a light weight packers tent. So, I’m not backpack camping for while now. Not until I get some money and/or finish my schooling and get a good income flow going.

(To be updated with photos later)

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Ohio Black Bear Sightings

Wayne National Forest
Yes, black bears are back in Ohio! Over the last 25 years black bear sightings in Ohio have become more and more frequent as bears are moving in from surrounding forests in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

FairField County
The bear was observed at about 10:30 a.m. in the 4000 block of Wilson Road in Greenfield Township, about a mile west of Lancaster, said Lt. Alex Lape of the Fairfield County sheriff’s office.
Another black bear was hit by a vehicle and killed on the Rt. 33 bypass near Hamburg Road last month.

Muskingum County
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said there have been three Black Bear sightings in Muskingum County this year.

Vinton County
2016-02-23 (Fall 2015)
A black bear was sighted in rural Vinton County last fall by USDA workers trying to eradicate a colony of feral hogs.
In Adams County, where the Amish girl reported the “honey bear” years ago, reports of bears are now commonplace. Ohio Division of Wildlife officer Scott Cartwright reports three sightings of bear last year and thinks the state’s habitat is ripe for more.

Stark County, Canton, Ohio
Friday, May 13, the North Canton Police Department was notified late in the evening that a bear sighting had occurred about ten miles northeast of the city.
It was presumed that was the bear seen in North Canton. However, at around 12:45 am on Saturday, May 14, residents in the 100 block of Far View Drive SW, reported seeing a bear eating bird seed from their backyard bird feeder.

Akron, Ohio
A bear was spotted on Applegrove Street N.W. at Lupe Avenue N.W. near a shopping plaza in North Canton Saturday.

University of Delaware
possible black bear sighting in the area behind Christiana Commons on Laird Campus.
Newark Police are tracking the bear, which has been seen in the vicinity of Wilbur Street, Cleveland Avenue, the Pomeroy Trail and Creek Road by Papermill Road.

Ashtabula County, Jefferson Village
A 911 call to the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Department at 9:30 p.m. was transferred to the Jefferson Village Police Department. Patrolman Aaron McCracken patrolled the area near the intersection of N. Market St. and E. Walnut St. where the caller saw the bear headed westward behind homes on Market, but did not see the bear himself.
Patrolman Gary Nelson responded to a second sighting from a 911 emergency call in the under-100 block of E. Pine St. where Jamie Hines said she saw the bear in her yard before it entered the woods behind her property. Nelson sounded his vehicle siren and fired bean-bag rounds from a shotgun to frighten the animal away on advice from game wardens, but again – did not see the bear himself.

Tuscarawas County
Valerie Myers was already aware there were reports of black bear sightings in Tuscarawas County when she went out to lunch with her husband Wednesday.
As they drove the back roads to their destination she says she saw something out of the corner of her eye.
“We actually spotted the bear on the left hand side of the road

Wintersville, Toronto, Bergholz and Piedmont Lake
There have been multiple black bear sightings in the Ohio Valley in the past 24 hours.

Wayne County, Shreve, Ohio
Wayne County, Ohio Sheriff on Facebook. Might show up on YouTube.Com as well(nothing at posting),

Wayne County, Smithville, Ohio
“According to Hunter, black bear sightings in Wayne County occur about four to five times a year.”

Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio
“Wadsworth resident Ron Schaefer photographed a black bear Sunday evening visiting a cluster of bird feeders in Wadsworth’s BriarThorn Estates development. The neighborhood runs off Hartman Road to the south of Interstate 76 and north of Akron Road (state Route 261).”

Akron, Summit County, Ohio
“Akron police say the bear that was hit and killed on Interstate 77 was the animal spotted over the weekend in Wadsworth and Norton.”

According to ODNR, Ohio is home to a small, but growing population of black bears. If you want to keep them out of your backyard, then you should get rid of anything that would attract them to the area, like bird feeders.

Historically, black bears roamed the Buckeye State. Unfortunately, unregulated hunting and habitat loss rendered bears extirpated from Ohio by 1850. Today, Ohio is again home to a small but growing population of black bears. Ohio’s bear population is estimated to be anywhere from 50-100 individual bears. It is important we understand a little about the biology and habits of the black bear if we are to coexist comfortably with this Ohio resident.
Most black bears range in size from 100 to 400 pounds, are 5 to 6 feet in length and average 3 feet high at the shoulder. The majority of bears in Ohio weigh between 125-250 pounds, and are juvenile male bears. Dispersing young black bears will often travel great distances in search of new habitat and are most likely to be seen by or interact with humans. These bears are extremely agile and are able to run up to 35 mph, climb trees with ease and swim long distances. Bears are omnivores, meaning they will eat a wide variety of foods. Depending on the season, their diet may include grasses, forbs, berries, mast from oak, hickory, and beech trees, carrion, and insect larvae. Bears will also consume agricultural crops, if available.

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If I ever lose my Wedding Ring

It has the following inscription on the inside, “Leedys – 2011 – WJJS”

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