Star Wars Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast Files and Mods

Posted by on 2017/01/29

Star Wars Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast Files and Mods


Download: Not available

To get a good install of Jedi Knight Outcast running in 2017, you need to take these steps.

  1. Download and/or install the Jedi Knight Outcast CD. It can be found on Steam or from the Mega download link. The link contains a large archive of files used to get JK2 up and running.
    1. Windows 10 allows you to open the .ISO file and mount it as a CD. If you are not up to date to Windows 10, try some free .ISO mount programs.
  2. Apply the patch numbered 1.04 (or 1.0.4 in the file versioning).
  3. Optional: Apply the mod JediPlus 4.3 if you like it. It is in the Games files/Mods folder.
  4. Run the Multiplayer game at least once to setup some files for the new improved launcher, JK2MV.
  5. Install JK2MV. This program is a huge improvement for compatibility on modern Windows systems and Widescreen support! Alt-tab is fixed!
  6. Install some mods from the Game files/Mods. Have fun with these!

The file also contains the dedicated server binary’s for Linux and Windows.

Finally, I have included a snapshot of the Program Files (x86)/JK2MV folder from my drive. It can be used to overwrite yours if you just want to dive in or need to “see” how the files are arranged.

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