Ohio Power Lands AEP Trip

My little adventure in the Spring of 2016 in Ohio Power Lands.

Driving on the way to AEP, came across a turtle two different times on the road. The first one was on the interstate 77, so I could not stop and get it. The second was off exit 25 on SR 78 a little ways. I back tracked and took it with me to my parking spot near campsite G. It was a nice Box Turtle and was trying to climb out of the passenger foot well often.

Other wild life: Turkeys nearby my tent. Heard some anyways; While digging my fire pit, I came across 4 Cicada’s. They looked ready to emerge. Even the wings nubs looked full; Also saw a strange insect. It looked like it had 4 or 6 legs and a multi segmented backside [thorax?]. It was a large one too. Easy to spot. It kinda looked like the Dragon Fly larva. Perhaps the next phase of it; Found a woodsy Toad on a log, enjoying sunshine and insects.

My camp site beside the waterfall is small, but nice. I have fresh cool water and a shower. I can watch wildlife coming to get drinks. Three and a half more days to go 🙂


Dug out a firepit

Water and shower in one !

Nighttime, in the tent. I was listening to the water fall and some far off noises of animals. Something also scurried past my head on the other side of the tent as I was drifting off, that jerks you awake! I also heard owls hooting in random places while hunting. At midnight a storm finally rolls in and the following rain goes through tent walls and rain cover ! It was puddling inside. Can’t sleep with soaked gear and drips of water hitting my face.

I left the tent in the night(not a great idea), leaving behind my drying rope, and not much else and back packed out of there. Now to get the tent dry in the morning or trash it. It never did repel water much. What good is the rain cover when water goes through it ?

I drove to Caldwell because that is where the nearest good cellular signal existed. Left messages for my wife and called her.
I went into the truck stop and changed all my clothes, that felt good. Then went to the car and slept. Finally was able to talk to my wife at 3am as she saw her message light blinking. (Good thing too, she was worried about me since I had no cell service and she did not realize that).

I slept in the car till 10am and then I headed back to the tent.
On the way I heard from the side of the road a clattering insect sound. More than one was sounding off in this area. I went over for a look and found emerged Cicada’s! Still drying their wings (hence the clattering). This was the year for a double brood and I was looking forward to seeing/hearing all of them.

I continued back to the tent and drained it. Found a very large spider under the rain cover. Not sure the type. Long & thick legs on it. About the same coloring as pine needle forest floor. After scooting that thing off the top of the tent, I packed the rest up and went back to the car.

After that I visited camp site G to see if anyone wanted to buy the tent. Nothing. Never was able to sell it. Even on the posting date here(Fall 2016).

From there I went to camp site C, along the way I passed a turkey on my side of the road. I swear, I see so much wildlife from my car down here! Turtle’s, Deer, Turkey’s.

After wondering around the area and stopping for a drink from a campsite water pump where I broke my only water filter, I decided to head back home. My source of clean water to drink broke, my tent to sleep in was wet and would not repel water. I had no method of staying outdoors except to sleep with the mosquitoes and rain and drink from polluted water ponds. So I left.

I need to find a better or more sturdy water filter as it broke upon falling to the ground. Maybe pad it with a rubber sleeve. I have no money for a light weight packers tent. So, I’m not backpack camping for while now. Not until I get some money and/or finish my schooling and get a good income flow going.

(To be updated with photos later)

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