Camping list

List of items to take camping out in the middle of nowhere.
Also called Primitive Camping and Natural Camping.
No neighbors or RVs with generators. No “lots” to contend with. The great outdoors!

Backpacking list:

  • Tents
    Tent, stakes, under flooring if needed, over top tarp if not leak proof or wind driven rain can creep under, weights OR stakes if using tarp to hold it down, hard grounds needs a hammer to drive stakes, spade to smooth the ground of sticks and stones
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Small pillow
    Air filled pillow would save room and still be a comfort to your head
  • Flashlights & Lanterns & Flares
    If batteries become soaked or die, use the flares if needed. Make sure all flashlights use the same batteries ! Rechargeable is best. Less load to carry. Just recharge in day time.
    Also a good idea to get a recharger of some sort. Some solar rechargers are decent priced now. Also could get a car recharger.
  • Fire Starter & Lighters & matches
    Can’t stress this enough. Without fire, you will be a stone age person eating cold food and have nothing to light the night but the battery eating lanterns.
    I suggest getting a BBQ style grill lighter since it holds more fuel and you do not have to burn your fingers trying to hold a small one at a weird angle to light your fire in a foot deep fire pit.
    For matches, get WATER PROOF matches. Very cheap 10 packs are on Amazon.Com.
    Many places also sell fire-starter kits. They looks like pieces of wood. They can burn a longer amount of time and hotter than your matches. Helps drive off the dew in the morning.
  • Clothes for days
    Bring enough clothes for your trip. Swimming or snow ? Cold at night still ?
    Throw a blanket in the car anyways to ward of emergencies.
  • Alum. Foil
    Very good to cook with if the grill cooking mesh is dirty/got dirty/bugs found the cooked on meat overnight.
  • Zip Locks for food and other stuff.
    This will keep critters out of your left over food and allow you to seal away a lot of yummy odors from bears/coons.
  • 4 gallons water works for 2 adults and 2 kids for 3 days.
    Unless you trust and have clean water near your camp site, bring water!
    You can rope the gallon handles to your backpack. It is heavy, but to balance the weight, place two of them on your backpack. Left and Right.
    Suggest you get the screw on lids.
  • Water Bottles
    For your hiking and to divvy out the water.
  • Long Tongs
    For reaching into the hot fire to remove food.
    Maybe another for moving wood around in the fire pit ?
  • Something to stir and dish out canned foods. Spoons & Forks ?
  • Paper Plates!
    They are great since you can pack a lot into your backpack and you can also use them to start fires(if paper, not plastic)
  • Swimsuits
    Or skinny dip.
    You can hang them out to dry on a rope.
  • Bug Spray
    Oh please do NOT forget this!
  • Rope
    For clothes line
    inner tubes tie up
    hold food in a tree away from camp so that the bears don’t knock on your door
    hold down tents OR extra tarp
    Many uses. Watch the Lassie show on TV.

Backpacking list optionals:

  • Fire Ring Grill mesh is optional.
    Need to cook on something for the steaks and burgersSome fold up type to reduce space would be great.
    One with sturdy legs might be better.
  • Firewood ?
    Got a truck taking you to nowhere ? Bring some kindling or logs. Make sure they are DRY!
  • Air Pump ?
    Nothing worse than getting to nowhere and your tire goes flat. Bring a cell or CB or HAM radio to call for help.
    Or pump up your flat tire with a DC car powered air pump. You might be able to drive a ways on a slow leaky tire.
  • Wet & Dry Shoes ?
    I hate walking in the woods with wet shoes from crossing a creek. Using boots might help unless it is too deep. Then what ? Bring a change of SOMETHING to protect your feet.
  • Canned drinks ?
    Could just bring them instead.
  • Using canned food ?
    Bring a can opener!
  • Sunscreen ?
  • Beach Towels ?
    For drying off from the water and/or laying upon.
  • Extra Blankets for sleep ?
    How cool is it at night ?
  • Hairbrush & Hair bands ?
    Some people just cannot live without them

Food items that work in the wilds:

  • Hamburgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Buns
  • Spicy? Mustard & Ketchup
  • Chips
  • YUM! Sweet Corn
  • Cereal
  • Pop Tarts
  • Potatoes
  • Raw foods such as carrots, celery,
  • Beef Jerky!! Stays in your tummy all day and you can pack a lot of it with you.
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