I love technology and nature. I like to stretch out and feel free by hiking and exploring. Want to buddy up on a trail hike ? Meet me over at the Mohican State Forest in Ohio, USA.

I am also a infrequent, but long time video game player, of StarCraft: Brood War(now playing Remastered!), and StarCraft II. I’d love a steady player to compete against !

Blizzard battletag: OldManAmos#1919

Steam ID: OldManAmos

Come join me in my new game in No Man’s Sky. Hit me up on Steam Chat.

XBOX Live ID: OldManAmosson

Come join me on the XBOX Live. I love to play the Star Wars Battlefront I game. I need a buddy to watch my back!

If you like to play, come join my Son and I on my Bedrock realm or his Java server.

Hit us up by joining my Discord server which allows us to update each other when offline and voice chat while playing in the game.

You can find the Server addresses in the pinned messages on the Minecraft Channel.

Dedicated page to the Minecraft Channel.

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